[Several weeks after Meggie’s reading, Ilona, coming home from work, meets Zizi and Aunt Magda on the front porch. They have been visiting Nadia and are now on their way home.

After kissing both of them, Ilona joins her mother at the front door. Together they overhear part of a curious conversation, as the two women make their way down the steps.]

Chapter 5 – Entry #1

Zizi grabbed Magda’s arm to help guide her down the stairs. “Tell me again about this ghost you saw last week, Aunt.”

“Well, I think it might have been a ghost; one can never be certain.” Aunt Magda said. “But stop trying to get me off the subject, you sly devil. I insist you tell me how you knew I would be here today. You always say Nadia called you, but she didn’t know I was stopping by today.”


Chapter 5 – Entry #2

When Zizi’s car pulled away, Ilona put her arm around her mother as they walked back into the house. Shaking her head, Ilona said, “Do those two ever stop bickering? What are they always arguing about, do you know?”


Chapter 5 – Entry #3

“Well?” Ilona coaxed.

Nadia pointed to the steps that led to the second floor living area. “C’mon upstairs. We’ll talk over dinner.”

Chapter 5 – Entry #4

[Narrator Note: Nadia is not ready to reveal Zizi’s secret to Ilona, yet. So, we’ll follow them upstairs.

Although Nadia conducts her card readings in the front room on the first floor, she and Ilona live in a large two-bedroom apartment upstairs.

The room on the first floor is furnished in stereotypical gypsy fashion.

The apartment upstairs would surprise most of her clients. It’s cozy. The living room is a mixture of taupe, beige, peach and green with vases, in all shapes and sizes, scattered about the room. The rest of the apartment is, likewise, decorated with restful colors.]

A half hour later, as Nadia and Ilona sat together at the kitchen table eating dumplings and chicken paprikas, Ilona brought the subject up again. “So, are you ready to spill the beans, yet, Mom?”

Chapter 5 – Entry #5

Looking down and cutting a piece of chicken, Nadia answered. “Your Aunt Zizi can see into the future.”

Ilona dropped the fork onto her plate. “What? You’re kidding, right?”

Chapter 5 – Entry #6

Nadia chewed a piece of chicken, swallowed and said, “No, I’m not kidding. And before you ask, why you never knew, or how could this be, or whatever other question is swimming around in your head, Zizi swore me to secrecy years ago, when we were still children.”

“Who else knows?” Ilona glanced away, concentrating. “Gran had to know. And, of course, Uncle Vidor would know. Obviously, Aunt Magda doesn’t know. Does Dominic know? “

Chapter 5 – Entry #7

Dipping a tiny dumpling into gravy, Nadia said, ” No one else knows. The only other person who will ever know during Zizi’s lifetime will be the “child of her heart.”

Ilona’s eyes opened wide. “That’s what she always calls me!”

Chapter 5 – Entry #8

“Yes,” Nadia said.

Ilona laid her fork on her plate. Incredulous, she said, “Not even Gran knew? Or Uncle Vidor?”

Chapter 5 – Entry 9

“Slow down, Ilona.”

“I can’t,” Ilona said. “You’re telling me Aunt Zizi can see into the future, and you want me to slow down? You must be kidding!”

Chapter 5 – Entry #10

Ilona could barely sit still in her chair. “If Aunt Zizi had this power all her life, why doesn’t anyone know about it? Are you pulling my leg, Mom?”

“Ilona, you know I wouldn’t do that. I’ll answer all your questions, just give me a chance.”

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